We verify the reliability of your software

The operational reliability of safety and security programs is also tested and certified by VdS. In accordance with our premium quality, safety, and security standards, we test the source codes as well as the program documentation. For your innovations, we confirm the reliability of interfaces, watchdogs, and the necessary modularity so crucial in areas such as fire protection and burglary protection. Our highly specialized engineers give special priority to clean structuring of the program, error-free execution and easily understandable development documentation.

You will receive an extremely detailed test report after every VdS software test. We will be happy to provide your software experts with our test specifications already in the development phase. And we offer support even before the test is carried out, so that we can assist you in achieving success as quickly as possible.

Our laboratory services cover numerous standards. We will be pleased to clarify with you which of these are relevant for the success of your product.