Benefit from our experience and competence in fire safety

We operate well-equipped, high-quality laboratories in which primarily type and system testing of fire safety products is carried out. Our top reputation all over the world ­results out of state-of-the-art technology and innovative testing methods, but most of all the comprehensive competence and long-standing experience of our engineers.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

The VdS laboratories for fire alarm technology test the entire range of products used in fire alarm systems – from smoke alarms for private homes to complete fire alarm control centers, and from individual alarm components to the proper functioning and interaction of all devices within a fire alarm system in accordance with the relevant guidelines.
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Fire Extinguishing Systems

VdS engineers carry out component testing as well as meteorological support, monitoring, and documentation of flooding when using gas fire extinguishing systems. We also perform studies on the effectiveness of gas as well as water mist fire extinguishing systems for our customers around the world.
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