Mechanical Security Technology

Mechanical security technology is the indispensable basis for every coherent protection concept. The experts at VdS ensure that our customers’ products withstand even the newest and most ­sophisticated methods of professional criminals. Companies, institutions, and consumers on all ­continents rely on the VdS-certified reliability of individual components or complete units such as:

  • Anti-theft locking devices and spare parts
  • Locking cylinders
  • Anti-blow glass
  • Bicycle and trailer locks
  • Burglar disguise elements

VdS-certified products have proven that they can withstand all types of unlocking tricks and attacks with tools such as electropicks, chisels (also in combination with winter and ice spray simulations  in our own climate chamber), drills, bolt cutters, or cylinder removal tools. To determine the specific attack and force application options of burglars, we build complete replicas of roof structures on our institute premises, for example. Our own developments such as a ball drop test mechanism or an impact simulation machine as well as various special machine tests for cutting, tensile, drilling, sawing, and torsional strength are just a few of our unique features. However, the primary basis for the excellent reputation of the VdS certification among corporate clients and end consumers is the competence of our experts.

Testing Impressions