Drawing up of testing principles

An important area of work at VdS is that of loss prevention. In this connection, test principles are developed by VdS in cooperation with interested parties such as the police and the fire-fighting forces, based on experience with losses and research. These test principles contain technical or quality-related requirements relating to products, facilities and equipment, production processes, services and methods in the field of loss prevention. The aim of these test principles is to avoid loss of and damage to life, health and property of the consumers (protection of goods/property). They also serve to support insurance companies with risk management and with the acceptable evaluation of risks.

For this purpose, VdS has developed up a set of Rules for the creation of test principles (PDF) which is made available to interested parties. To explain these rules, we have put together a number of FAQs to answer the most important questions on the procedure.

Drawing up of loss prevention concepts, guidelines and safety regulations by GDV

In the committees of the “Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V.” (German Insurance Association – GDV), concepts are developed for the identification and assessment of new and existing risks, and for the avoidance, limitation, and remediation of damage from the point of view of the protection of property and protection from loss of earnings.

The project work in committees of the GDV is carried out from the very beginning in close cooperation with, for example, experts from the affected industry, the authorities and approved experts. Before final approval of the publication, interested third parties have an opportunity to submit their comments in a consultation procedure.