VdS Inspection Services

Europe’s largest expert organization for fire safety

VdS Inspection Services, is Europe’s leading expert organization for fire safety. Its experts assess more than 21.000 fire safety systems worldwide every year. This number is rising regularly with new systems that are tested at regular intervals after initial testing.

The testing program of the Inspection Services currently covers mainly:

  • Sprinkler systems, water spray systems, fine spray systems, foam-extinguishing systems)
  • Fire hose stations, outdoor hydrants and rising mains
  • Gas-extinguishing systems
  • Special extinguishing systems (e.g. spark-extinguishing systems, extinguishing systems for kitchen/canteen protection)
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • Smoke exhaust and ventilation systems (smoke and heat exhaust systems, smoke exhaust systems in staircases, machine smoke extraction systems, smoke control pressure systems)
  • Fire-resisting closures
  • Voice alarm systems
  • Special fire protection systems such as oxygen reduction systems

The basis for testing are VdS guidelines, which frequently go beyond the legal regulations and thus offer optimum fire protection. Over and above this, national and international standards are used for testing, for example the US NFPA regulations (National Fire Protection Association) and FM (Factory Mutual). The VdS range of services also covers testing based on insurance requirements and regulations from building authorities as well as testing of fire protection facilities under building legislation.

Fire Safety

A clear focus on fire safety in combination with its own laboratories allows VdS to make excellent “full-package” offers that are unique selling points on the competitive market.
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