Fire Safety Competence for over 100 Years

A clear focus on fire safety in combination with its own laboratories allows VdS to make excellent “full-package” offers that are unique selling points on the competitive market. For example, VdS is currently the only inspection service to be accredited to ISO 17020 by Deutsche Akkreditierungs-GmbH (DAkkS) for stationary fire protection equipment.

Through its work on national and international committees, VdS experts play an important role in shaping the technical regulations on fire protection. Because of their many years of experience in the field and their global networking with other fire protection experts and inspection organizations, VdS experts have detailed knowledge and an overview of future developments.

Inspection and Support of Projects at the Planning Phase

Individual fire protection begins at the planning phase because, in order to ensure optimum safety, builders and building owners must plan suitable concepts for fire protection well in advance.
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Initial and Follow-up Inspections

The initial inspection attests to compliance with the building regulations. It also has tangible effects on an evaluation by the insurers. For this reason, the initial inspection involves an extensive catalogue of questions to clarify different issues.
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Inspections of Existing Systems

Aging processes and atmospheric and operating influences have considerable effects on the reliability and efficiency of sprinkler units. This affects in particular the sprinklers and the pipe networks, which, during the regular inspections, may be subjected simply to a visual inspection from the outside.
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