Benefit from our experience and competence in security

We operate well-equipped, high-quality laboratories in which primarily type and system testing of security products is carried out. Our top reputation all over the world ­results out of state-of-the-art technology and innovative testing methods, but most of all the comprehensive competence and long-standing experience of our engineers.

Electronic Security Technology

In this laboratory, we perform tests on intrusion and hold-up alarm systems as well as access control, alarm transmitting, and video surveillance systems. VdS customer portfolios range from systems for private protection to those for global bank headquarters, from small risks to high-ranking jewelers.
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Mechanical Security Technology

Mechanical security technology is the indispensable basis for every coherent protection concept. The experts at VdS ensure that our customers’ products withstand even the newest and most ­sophisticated methods of professional criminals.
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Safes & Strongrooms

Our safe breakers use over 250 different devices and tools for their tests. These include crowbars, saws, diamond core drills, abrasive cutting tools, and oxygen lances heated to several thousand ­degrees for thermally separating even the hardest materials.
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