The marking with the PROVE sign

Products, companies and specialists as well as management systems can be tested and certified on the basis of different sets of rules and standards.

Which standard is best suited as a test basis depends on various factors: For example, in addition to the individual security requirements of companies and legal regulations, the focus is also on the special demands of insurers and, last but not least, customer requirements.

Depending on the objective and strategic orientation, manufacturers, installation companies and specialists can strive for certification according to international standards. These often form a solid basic level that is suitable for European and international markets and whose compliance can be proven by the PROVE certification of VdS. Due to the high level of quality and the associated reputation, these certificates are accepted throughout Europe and worldwide. They are often a prerequisite for entering the respective markets or the basis for national certifications. For example, an examination based on international standards is interesting for companies that produce abroad, have to comply with certain local requirements or want to use the certificate to differentiate themselves in global competition.

Since the tests are carried out by experienced VdS experts in a well-rehearsed team under the highest quality standards, products and services marked with the PROVE seal are highly valued by all stakeholders.