Fire Extinguishing Systems

VdS engineers carry out component testing as well as meteorological support, monitoring, and documentation of flooding when using gas fire extinguishing systems. We also perform studies on the effectiveness of gas as well as water mist fire extinguishing systems for our customers around the world.

Stationary fire extinguishing systems are complex combinations of technology for storage, fire detection, control, triggering devices, distribution pipeline networks, etc. Their job: to extinguish or at least contain fire. To ensure safe functionality, all components used are tested for reliability according to the various VdS guidelines and – if available – EN standards.

The primary objective of our tests in the VdS laboratories is to give you certainty regarding product-specific performance characteristics, ­reliability, and safety.

Furthermore, VdS also offers you special measurements beyond the guidelines for specific applications. We are pleased to be able to support you in your research and development with our testing and measurement facilities as well as the competence of our expert teams.

We ensure that you and your customers can always rely on product ­features such as the concentration build-up of gas fire extinguishing systems or the response and opening characteristics of sprinklers.

Testing Impressions