We offer measurable interference immunity from a wide variety of environmental influences

With VdS certification, you confirm the interference resistance of your products against an extremely wide range of environmental influences. You can make use of the VdS infrastructure, which is unique in Europe, as well as our expanded and continuously improved range of services (e.g. high-frequency tests up to three gigahertz, low-frequency interference in power mains, tests of wireless transmission security and reliability) even in your product development phase. Informative and reliable test reports further advance your innovations.

The number and functionality of electronic controls and systems are constantly increasing in all technical fields. Availability, durability, and compatibility requirements are increasing as well. Measurable evidence of the quality of your products is becoming more and more important in this field as well. For example, a single smartphone can negatively influence technical devices and systems. The current massive expansion of digital data services also poses new challenges to the developers of electronic devices with regard to electromagnetic compatibility. And in classic building security, wirelessly networked products are used with increasing frequency.

The familiar quality of the technology and staff of the VdS laboratories and the comprehensive, detailed test ­reports enable you to achieve high acceptance of your products both at home and internationally.

Testing impressions