Rely on Europe´s No 1 institute for fire safety and security.

VdS certifications have an excellent reputation with manufacturers, service providers and end consumers. They create confidence and provide the assurance that components, equipment, systems or services correspond with the highest testing standards. The VdS certifications are backed by the bundled expertise of an independent institution. This independence is proven by numerous accreditations and, furthermore, is the best proof of the high credibility and unique competence of the VdS service.

In addition, there is a growing trend towards consumers increasingly choosing those products and services which guarantee an optimum in terms of safety. They are given this feeling of safety by the VdS certification mark. Therefore, as a consequence, the suppliers of VdS-certified products and services can also profit from increasing demand. Among business partners, the VdS certification already has an excellent reputation: For example, the WIK survey has revealed yet again that among professional decision makers in the safety market, the VdS safety mark is regarded as the most important certification mark.

VdS approvals for the premium segment of the safety market

If the certification is based on guidelines published by VdS or accepted standards, it is referred to as a VdS approval.

These guidelines are particularly practice-oriented and, as a rule, contain classified requirements so that for a very wide area of possible risks and potential damage, damage-prevention measures can be implemented. Objectivity is guaranteed through the participation of experts from insurance companies, the police, the fire brigades, associations of the manufacturers and installers and of VdS.

In contrast, the national, and to an even greater extent the international, standards are often guided by the specific interests of individual countries. In reality, this often means that a standard can always only represent the smallest common interest of the countries’ organizations involved. Furthermore, with these standards care is often not taken to ensure that with them a universal safety concept can be realized. As a rule, VdS guidelines are more demanding and can also be adapted more quickly to changing risks.

International cooperation

As an internationally oriented company, VdS has contact to partners with whom there is close cooperation. Agreements on the mutual approval of test results exist with numerous certification and test centers in Europe. In addition, close cooperation also exists with partners in the USA.