VdS Approval of Security Installers & Specialists

In order to guarantee effective damage prevention, the installation of systems for security protection must be conducted by companies which have provably well-founded technical knowledge and suitable technical equipment for assembly and maintenance. A further criterion is qualified specialist personnel. They must be able to use and to put into practice the VdS planning and installation guidelines. VdS-approved installers can render all the services listed below:

  • Project planning
  • Assembly/installation
  • Putting into operation and handing over to the operator, including instruction
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Maintenance

VdS-approved installers have furnished proof of their technical competence. They are in possession of a certified and quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and, in the event of a failure, must be on the spot within defined reaction times. Only VdS-recognized installers are authorized to issue installation certificates for systems in conformity with VdS. Installed plants are checked for compliance with the planning and installation guidelines of VdS during the period of the approval. If serious faults are established on the checked systems, the VdS approval can be withdrawn.

VdS offers installation approval processes for the following types of system:

  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Physical safety measures

In order to further increase the effectiveness of a reliably operating intruder alarm system, a direct connection to a security company can be established. This solution is recommended, in particular, when a direct connection to the police is not possible. For this purpose, VdS offers an approval process for security companies.Apart from recognising installation and specialist companies, VdS also offers personal certification for qualified electricians. These include experts in testing electrical equipment, EMC experts, electro-thermographic experts (electro-thermographs) as well as experts in building infrastructure cabling (GIV experts)